Pormpuraaw Art& Culture Centre Incorporated
Wood carving in Pormpuraaw has a deep connection to culture. In the old days before the white men we would carve our totems to  use  in ceremony.  Missionaries came and gave us metal wood carving tools and our works became more complex. We like to use a local tree called milk wood. It is very soft but  poisonous. We cut the tree down and let it sit for a month. Then we come back knock the bark off and let it sit for another month. This lets all the poisonous milky sap dry out. We also use wood from the iron wood tree. This is the hardest known wood in Australia and the second hardest wood in the world. Termites want eat it. It has many traditional uses.
Frill Neck Lizards made with painted carved wood by Elliot Koonutta.
Crocodile carving from milk wood and chicky beads by Elliot Koonutta.

Barramundi made from milk wood carved by Jacob Yunkaporta and Elliot Koonutta.
Elliot Koonutta is our star wood carver and mixed other media.