Cape York Aboriginal Art "Australia"
Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre Incorporated 
 Pormpuraaw Gallery display


      Pormpuraaw is blessed with many hard working talented artists. Our mediums include wood carving, traditional weaving, ghost net weaving, Lino Cut Printing, Etching and Painting. "Before the white man came we carved images to use in ceremonies. We would weave baskets and fishnets for gathering food. We would paint our bodies and draw designs in the sand. Today we use modern materials but  our work still connects to those earlier days". Our work is on display at Canopy Art Space in Cairns, Queens Land and at Alcaston Gallery at Fitzroy VIC, Urban Paradise Gallery Gold Coast.  We also have our own gallery in Pormpuraaw at the centre.

RG Casey Building NAIDOC display in Canberra.

"Obalow" Story is our version of a fresh water mermaid. It is an important subject for our artwork. 
Their traditional art forms  were: weaving, story telling, body paint, carving and dance. Learning the dance and song of your country was very important. Knowing it was to have a deed to land ownership. They would carve  totem effigies from milk wood. They were use in ceremony.  Introduction of metal axes and knifes made it easier. The carvings made today reflect that tradition.
Most people speak 3 to 7 languages. They have no word for culture, hello, goodbye, thank you, community or art . Visual art is a new language for them. A language of using form and content to tell their stories and share totems.
Pormpuraaw Gallery and Office space in the community. We enjoy making lots of fish made from ghost net and hang them from our ceiling.
Canopy art Centre 124 Grafton Street Cairns Queensland.