Cape York Aboriginal Art, 
Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre Incorporated, 
Queensland Australia

Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre Inc.

    Phone: 61 04 3717  2758
Ghost Net Sculpture
Painting on Canvas
Public Mural Art
Lino Cut Printing 
Etching on Paper 
Traditional Weaving
Wood Carving
Documentary Films in Language

Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre Incorporated

Our art is a bridge between our culture  and community to the outside world.
Pormpuraaw means "entrance way to a house" in Kuuk Thaayorre language. We are an aboriginal community strong in language and culture. It is a beautiful place surrounded by wetlands shoreline to the Gulf of  Carpentaria Cape York Peninsula Queensland, Australia. We are a not for-profit organisation run be locals community artist's and culture people. We exhibit our art and  sell directly to the public. Our works are based on our stories, totems, country, and culture.

Pormpuraaw is a registered "Deductible Gift Recipient". This allows for philanthropic donations to be declared as a tax deduction. Any financial, or in-kind support is most welcome. 
                              Pormpuraaw is blessed with many 
                     talented artists and culture people.
        Syd Bruce Shortjoe at the United Nations in NYC.
Elliot Koonutta paints a crocodile as part of our Art Centre Mural project which celebrating NAIDOC week.
Pormpuraaw Artist Michael Norman displays his ghost Net Sculpture of a Barramundi. 
Pormpuraaw Artist Michael Norman posses with Jill Yantumba and their dogs real and made of Ghost Net.
                 Syd Bruce Shortage and his ghost net sculpture of a sawfish "Kampenyinh" in Kugu language.
        Christine Holroyd and her mother Jeannie Holroyd pose with their carpet snake ghost net sculpture.